Heads up: self included extensions and UUID changes

Two updates for those of you who use extensions hosted on git.gnome.org.

First: I've just pushed a patch for my extensions that makes them
completely self-included.
This means that, if you're running gnome-shell + glib master, you'll
no longer need to install them system-wide to have the correct
translations or to avoid GSettings assert. On the other hand, older
versions of glib are no longer supported and will simply emit an error
in init(). This is pretty safe anyway, as init() is called before the
extension is enabled.
This also means that gnome-tweak-tool, which changes the settings for
user-theme, should be updated to look for schemas in the extension
directory. See gio/gsettingschema.c for details and public API to do

Second: to comply with UUID policy, I changed all UUIDs to be
Therefore, if you're upgrading from a previous version, you're advised
to remove anything with @gnome-shell-extensions.gnome.org in the
extensions folder, to avoid conflicts.
This also means that I'm now listed as the only author at
extensions.gnome.org. If any of the original authors wants attribution
or wants to share maintainership, just mail me.

Hope you'll enjoy,


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