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the last mail rebound. so i sent a new one.

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Date: Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 8:13 PM
Subject: start key, drag-drop , and overview mode
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Salam and hello to everyone. this is my first time sending anything on the mailing list, so if i get it wrong, please forgive me.

i love music, and something i love more is video music. So, i have a lot of video music. The thing is, one evening i want to queue my video music in totem. The usual way i add music to totem is open totem->right click->always on top . But after i use Gnome 3 for several weeks now, I tried to press start key to open the overview mode, while dragging the music video(s). The odd thing is, I expect gnome to show me the overview mode so i can drag my file and drop it in my totem. I manage to complete this by draging the files to the activity hot corner , into overlay and hilight on totem and wait for totem to get focus.

so, i do think that this interaction should be included inside gnome 3. because i keep doing this each and every time i want to drop something (gedit,totem,nautilus, almost anything u can think of). what we can benefit from this is , we no longer need to sort the window nicely to drag-drop-open multiple files (a powerful features i say). 

I can't understand the shell code (yet) but i do think this can be done.

proposed interaction
1. hilight multiple file. drag them (to drop in totem) 
2. press start button. overview mode open
3. drag file to totem in overview mode ( maybe drop here , if possible )
4. overview mode close. totem got focus. drop multiple file. 

ps : you guys do really done your homework. Now i miss my gnome 3 when i on the windows. I <3 GNOME3 !

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