Please save vertical space!

Unfortunately, in the last years notebook adopted 16/9 ratio for their displays: it seems that the primary job for a laptop is watching movie!!! What a shame!
Unfortunately, the minority of users that write code or documents, the read a web pages require vertical space and it's frustrating scroll and read long lines.
For this reason I thing that gnome shell should save as much as possible vertical space.
A couple of ideas:
  1. Title bar for maximized window is useless. I can already achieve this result thanks to this fantastic article it has some negative side effects: it's difficult unmaximize and close window. For this reason I think that on the activity bar should be added the following button: close and unmaximize.
  2. Since notifications were thrown out the evanescent bottom bar, the top bar is poor of functions... the current app name, the lonely clock in the middle, the network indicator... but what about if the top bar would host the menu bar? Like Unity... yes, but only when the windows is maximized: it is terrible when you look at the a window and you cannot find the menu because it was stolen by the top bar!
Please, vote!

Thank you,


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