Re: How to disconnect a broadband connection?

On 11/15/2011 06:55 PM, Aaron Sowry wrote:

I connect my laptop to the internet at times using a broadband
connection. I can't figure out how to disconnect the connection using
the connection menu, I was expecting a "disconnect" option but didn't
find it. I also noticed that I con't disconnect from any other type of
connection, I have to turn it off apparently (which doesn't work for
broadband by the way).
I can confirm that switching wired to 'off' does not disable my wired connection
(Fedora 16). Gabriel - did you end up filing a bug for this somewhere?

Regarding the general inability to disconnect from specific networks, I have
been bitten by this a few times too. For example, while travelling, I connect my
laptop to a mobile phone via bluetooth (DUN). When I get to somewhere with WiFi
access and connect to that instead, I have no way to disable my mobile internet.


Hi Aaron,

I forgot to! I had this issue again last night, I had to turn off the bluetooth and toggle the hardware switch to disconnect.

Do you want to file a bug or should I?


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