Re: The good, the bad, the insane

On Wed, 2011-05-25 at 19:22 -0500, Robert Park wrote:
> On Mon, May 23, 2011 at 10:06 AM, Jesse Hutton <jesse hutton gmail com> wrote:
> > And, the "preferred" way of powering down by logging out and doing it in GDM
> > is surely not optimal given that most machines are single user systems. A
> > laptop is practically by definition a single user system. Gnome Shell is
> > just placing obstacles in a user's way there.
> I am having difficulty understanding *either* side of this debate.
> Expecting people to power down from GDM is just silly. That's so many
> extra clicks for something that should be simple.
> For those complaining about the removal of the "power down" option, do
> your laptops lack physical power buttons? I have been running Gnome
> Shell for months, and I just tap the power button, then the shell asks
> me if I want to reboot or power down. Works flawlessly and it's
> actually one less click than accessing it from a menu.
> I kind of wish people would just stop complaining about this and start
> using their physical power buttons. It's been working great for me. I
> don't see what the fuss is about.

+1  The noise about this issue is what is insane;  how anyone manages to
care is something beyond my understanding.

(a) there are other ways to power down - the power button [obviously],
logging out and shutting down, or using the menu and pressing *one* key.
(b) how often do you power down?
(c) you can suspend just by closing the lit
(d) the actions of closing the lid, pressing the power button, etc... is
*easily* changed in system settings; for example, I changed my laptop
not to do anything when the lid is closed.
(e) there is an extension available [in at least the openSUSE GNOME3
STABLE repo] that adds Suspend & Power Off as discreet items on the

Describing people as "suffering" because of this design decision is way
beyond absurd.  I'm just more convinced a segment of users will attack
every single component that was *changed* from GNOME2 to GNOME3;
regardless of if it matters at all.

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