Making the discussion here friendly, concise, and productive

Some notes from your friendly list owner:

* Please understand that, at this point, fundamental design decisions
  about the GNOME user interface are unlikely to be revisited in the
  GNOME 3 timescale. You may disagree with things like the absence
  of a taskbar, but decisions of that scale have cascading consequences
  throughout the UI, and backing up and doing something different for
  3.2 would not only create further confusion among our users, it would
  require us to do redo large amounts of design and implementation.

  At this time we need to focus on fine-tuning the interface around
  the big ideas of GNOME 3 and extending the design to new areas like
  file management and contacts.

* Please think about the volume of your posting; no matter how great
  ideas you have, if you are posting almost 20 message in a day,
  especially to the same thread, it's guaranteed nobody is reading
  what you write. You're great ideas are coming across to other people
  as noise.

* Please pay attention to tone; in addition to the basic obvious stuff
  described in, simply avoid
  sarcasm altogether. In a forum where English is not
  the native language of many participants, the line between creative
  communication, and nasty, mean-spirited communication is impossible
  to walk correctly.

Many thanks!

- Owen

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