Re: A few comments regarding Gnome-shell

This is happening in the "zeitgeist" branch.  It will have a journal of the things you have done over time - files edited, web sites visited, etc.

That's terrific, thanks for the news.

This is technically difficult.  Unity's top menubar works by patching GTK+ so that it will send the text labels for menu items over D-Bus, to a process that administers the menu.  This doesn't work for every app, especially for those that don't use "plain" menus but instead tweak them in one way or another.

The top menubar is interesting, but so far no one has made an implementation that "just works" - we'll very likely have to rethink the way menus work in GTK+ for that to be universal.

I'm glad to know that it's due to technical reasons more than being by design. Anyways, there are some questions everyone seems to have overlooked:

- You can open Activities without using the mouse, but then you can't do anything. Meaning, you can't use the arrow keys to select a running window, or a workspace, or an app on the launcher, or even use Tab to go from one section to the other. You NEED the mouse for those. Do you plan to implement keyboard navigation?
- There IS keyboard navigation in the search results, after you type a search term. But it surprised me to see that you can only press up/down, not left/right, which makes navigation very cumbersome. Would it be possible to implement all four directions?
- The Desktop seems to be empty - in fact, even right-clicking it does nothing. Do you plan to give it some use in the future?

Does that mean that there is not a reason for these? Should I file some bugs on Bugzilla against them?

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