cpu frequency extension for gnome-shell

Hi Everyone:
I wrote a gnome shell extension to changed the cpu frequency in gnome-shell.
It is far from finished but at least it is kind of working now.
According to some of gnome-shell's saying, most users will not
interested in the frequency of cpu, so I can only wish the rest of few
users to be interested in this. ;P

I wrote this basically because I haven't found any other extensions
like this. Please correct me if there really is and any feedback is
The extension can be found here: https://github.com/yuyichao/gnome-shell-cpufreq
and here (https://github.com/yuyichao/gnome-shell-overview-icon) is
another extension that display icon in overview mode which I think
will make finding window in overview mode a little easier. The second
one is really tiny so I don't want to write another email for it.

You need cpufreq-selector from gnome-applets to make the extension
work and strongly recommend to add a polkit policy to avoid entering
password every time.

Best regards

Yichao Yu

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