Re: cpu frequency extension for gnome-shell

On Tue, 2011-06-28 at 09:36 -0400, 俞颐超 wrote:
> Hi Everyone:
> I wrote a gnome shell extension to changed the cpu frequency in gnome-shell.
> It is far from finished but at least it is kind of working now.
> According to some of gnome-shell's saying, most users will not
> interested in the frequency of cpu, so I can only wish the rest of few
> users to be interested in this. ;P
> I wrote this basically because I haven't found any other extensions
> like this. Please correct me if there really is and any feedback is
> welcome.
> The extension can be found here:
> and here ( is
> another extension that display icon in overview mode which I think
> will make finding window in overview mode a little easier. The second
> one is really tiny so I don't want to write another email for it.
> You need cpufreq-selector from gnome-applets to make the extension
> work and strongly recommend to add a polkit policy to avoid entering
> password every time.
> Best regards
> Yichao Yu

The overview icon extension is really useful but kinda buggy. For
example, the icons disappear during most animations and it's like they
are flashing. Also the icon stays even after closing an application from
the overview.

If you fix these two problems, it will be an excellent extension.

Thanks for your work.

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