Re: Extensions Infrastructure Work

> Because i don't want a separate application with its own UI. I could
> embed a web control inside the desktop application, but then I've just
> reimplemented a browser. A terrible, poor one. So I'm using a real
> browser.
Fair enough

> No. It should work in any browser that supports the HTTP cross-domain
> access-control headers that allow us to bypass the same-origin policy,
> without native extensions.
So, are planning to have the "small http server" running all the time
in the session ?
Umm, don't you think is that troubling ?
Security, resources, another process running in the shell ? Just
because you don't want to embed an "Exts Store" (with it's own UI) in
the Shell ?
Design wise, architecural wise, your design isn't better that the one
I talk about.

BTW: assuming the http server approach is already set in stone. I
should be able to disable it when I want without breaking the Shell eh
? Yeah, cause I have this very poor machine with too few resources and
the shell is already eating 200MB of RAM, so, I'm worried


PS: This is just opinion. I'm not trying to discredit your approach,
just doesn't seem right to me.

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