Extensions Infrastructure Work

I think I'm late too, to this discussion.
Simple question first, cause I'm kinda worried with the simple http
server approach.

What you need is the browser to talk with the system, and send the
answers back to the website nope ?

My point:

Why don't you eliminate the browser part, if you make a desktop
application that talks to the website, then the problem is solved.
(Note: by a desktop application, I mean, sth on desktop, could easily
be a shell main/default/stock extension that opens the UI you want to
designand talks to the website using libsoup)
And in the webpage you can see the extensions and the version and so on.
Something like Apple App Store, you can view the store from the web,
but you interact with it only though the system application they made
for it.
With this approach I can think of some issues, but I think is better,
If an extensions que updated, you can tell the user (through shell
notifications) and let him choose if he wants to upgrade the extension

I think that's way safer, and way less work, using the browser
approach you will have to write browser extensions for
Firefox/Chrome/Opera and Epiphany, no ?


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