Re: Extensions Infrastructure Work

On Tue, 2011-06-21 at 11:42 +0530, Vamsi Krishna Brahmajosyula wrote:
> Thanks alot..  I was waiting for this. 
> I would like to suggest a little more, see if it makes sense. 
> Lets assume we use the gnome tweak tool or some other place to
> enable/disable with out 
> reloading the shell. Now as an extension writer, I may also want to
> give a little more options than 
> just enabling/disabling. So if there is a meta level of saying 'these
> are the options made available' and 'these methods implement them' 
> options = [ ]
> options = [ { name : 'option-name' , type : 'toggle' , method :
> 'methodname' } ... ]

You should just do this using gsettings (and hope that the gsettings API
be extended to support non system-wide schemas. I have lost the bug
number for this gsettings enhancement request however.

Then I will just add code in g-t-t that shows options for schemas that
live in


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