Re: My opinions on Gnome Shell

> 2011/6/19 Job <jobdrb gmail com>:
>> Its a really minority that are happy.
> [citation needed]
> ciao,
>  Emmanuele.

i can provide statistics from one distribution.. Archlinux - 4.57% of
users have gnome-shell installed. you can have a look at the
statistics. they are under 'extra', you will have to scroll way way
down in 'extra' (it's probably easier to search 4 'gnome-shell' in
your browser, on this page - CTRL+F in Firefox) it is found here;

Also, looking through the forums, there is also very mixed reviews of
the new gnome-desktop. Some people love it, and an equal amount hate
it. there has also been PKGBUILDs added to the AUR (Arch User
Repository) to help those who wish to use a classic gnome-environment
with compiz..

the 'upstream' compiz-dev AUR contains an optional config for gnome.session too.

there is also another package similar but for running gnome 3 + compiz
+ cairo-dock without gnome-panel too.

there is also a new fork of gnome2 called Mate-Desktop or MDE. there
is both an Unoffical Arch repo for it (don't have the link) and also
and AUR package found here;

so it would seem the first distro to push gnome3 as an update would
probably have to say, that it is less than popular.

I don't know any other distro's statistics, and Arch isn't a
gnome-distro (it's not DE specific at but I bet less than
half of users, using gnome3 are using gnome-shell.  It would be
interesting to see Ubuntu package statistics, being as they are the
most popular distro... or it would be interesting to see a few months
from now (i say this because many people were using Fc15 live-cd to
test gnome-shell, so it wouldn't be very accurate to actual
user-base), whether or not more people start using Fedora over ubuntu,
being as Fedora is a gnome-distro...and ubuntu well, is unity.... suse
statistics would be interesting to throw in the mix too..

food for thought.


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