My opinions on Gnome Shell


My opinions on Gnome Shell:

Window management is atrocious (see below).

1. No minimize button (I can't even mention the number of times I have cursed you for this, so far...).

2. Switching between widows is PAINFUL. The options I have is: move mouse to top-left or press the window key.

Then when the "window" view opens, and after its effects are finished, I cannot immediatly find the window I am looking for. Why? Because of the effects. Colors fade, windows thumbs pop and resize and rearange. All these are too distracting and completely destroy my focus. I have to stare for a little while at each window thumbnail to decide if it is the one I am looking for. Also the virtual desktops bar at the right, I have to move my mouse on top of it to see it all! Very annoying, too many mouse moving around.

On the other hand the "applications" view is good. However I would apppreciate smaller icons so I can fit more per row. Maybe you could put zoom in and out handles at the bottom?

 What I would like (suggest).

Having to go to "activities" to manage my windows is a disaster. Window management should be "always on"! That means the dock and the virtual desktop bar should be visible by default on my plain old desktop. Also when windows overlap them they should pop up when moving the mouse to the left or right screen edge. This is similar to the current top-left edge but with much less mouse moving. At any case I would like to NOT have any kind of resizing, rearanging of my windows when the dock becomes active. In practise I am suggesting to have the "window" view functionality as the default desktop!

That would leave the "activities" only with one view, the "applications" and think about it. It makes sense and maps much better to the Gnome 2 design.


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