Re: My opinions on Gnome Shell

"Dimitris M." <dimitrisfx yahoo gr> wrote:
>My opinions on Gnome Shell:
>Window management is atrocious (see below).
>1. No minimize button (I can't even mention the number of times I have
>cursed you for this, so far...).

Minimizing is pretty much an obsolete notion.  I don't miss the minimization button at all;  simply adjust your workflow.  Use workspaces appropriately,

>2. Switching between widows is PAINFUL. The options I have is: move
>mouse to top-left or press the window key.

Alt-tab / Alt-tick

>Then when the "window" view opens, and after its effects are finished,
>I cannot immediatly find the window I am looking for. Why? Because of
>the effects. Colors fade, windows thumbs pop and resize and rearange.

The effects are instant for me.

>the one I am looking for. Also the virtual desktops bar at the right, I
>have to move my mouse on top of it to see it all! Very annoying, too
>many mouse moving around.


> What I would like (suggest).
>Having to go to "activities" to manage my windows is a disaster. Window
>management should be "always on"! That means the dock and the virtual
>desktop bar should be visible by default on my plain old desktop.

Noooooooo! I hope we never ever go back to that.

Workspaces with many windows are much easier to manage in Shell, and movig windows between workspaces is much more integrated; so I actually use workspaces more.

>That would leave the "activities" only with one view, the
>"applications" and think about it. It makes sense and maps much better
>to the Gnome 2 design.

Gnome 2 is dead, long live Gnome 3!  As a very skeptical Gnome 2 user I am totally sold on Gnome 3.  It is different, but different better; but u have to adapt your workflow.
Adam Tauno Williams

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