Re: Cheap PCI graphic cards for GNOME Shell

> These days it may be cheaper to find a used
> machine that can do PCI/E or AGP, than to find a straight PCI video
> card that is fast enough.

Except that it hurts my environmentally-conscious self to "throw away"
those desktop machines that are in working order, just lacking a good
video card.

eBay listings for PCI video cards are generally littered with
- ATI Radeon 9200/9250 (which are R200 if I recall correctly)
- nVIDIA MX4000 (of the NV10 family; too old?)
- nVIDIA FX5200/FX5500 (of the NV30 family)

Usually priced at 30$ or so. Perhaps the NV30 cards (such as the geforce
FX 5200 and 5500) would be the only viable option? (if the hardware is
fast enough)

Looking at , I'm not
sure whether or not they are "expected" to run GNOME Shell as good as
the radeon/intel drivers...

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