Re: Cheap PCI graphic cards for GNOME Shell

On Sun, 2011-06-12 at 23:27 -0400, Jeff Fortin wrote:

> I'm looking for recommendations for graphic cards that
> - Can run GNOME Shell in a fluid manner
> - Are PCI (not PCI express or AGP)
> - Are dirt cheap/easy to find

Some data points:

I have two machines with old Radeon cards, both with the radeonhd

R200, straight PCI, is unusable.

R300, laptop built-in, is somewhat usable.

I haven't tried the radeon driver, just radeonhd - things may be
different with it.

Finding that R200 was hard about two years ago, and actually more
expensive than an AGP card.  These days it may be cheaper to find a used
machine that can do PCI/E or AGP, than to find a straight PCI video card
that is fast enough.


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