Re: Gnome 3 Extensions/Themes Website?

On Wed Jun 8 2011 05:32:48 -0400 Jasper St. Pierre" <jstpierre mecheye net> wrote:

> First, one quick point out of the way: I don't think we need to separate
> between themes and extensions. Going forward, I think that the user-theme
> extension will die.

I disagree. For all sorts of reasons, there needs to be a clear separation
between shell themes and extensions.

I do agree with you regarding the user-theme extension.

> Hopefully, this horrible bug will be fixed:
> , and then we can deploy > something clever Owen thought of: themes will be extensions like any other, > but with no code, and just a stylesheet. There will probably be a special > key in the metadata.json to tag it as a theme, so it can get loaded before
> all the other extensions.

Why the requirement to load a theme before all other extensions?

In case you are unaware of it, there is already broad agreement in the form of a draft specification between the existing developers of theme selectors and theme developers concerning the location and content of themes directories, the
theme metadata, etc.

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