Gnome Shell

Gentlemen and ladies,
I just did a jhbuild and I have to tell you, it smacks of Unity. Fav's on the left side, click on Applications and it dumps them on the screen similar to Unity. You cannot one-click to any Place, e.g. Home folder, Network, Desktop, Connect to, any of you locations.
In fact I found no way to do it within a trivial amount of time.
I thought that gnome-shell would be an improvement, you know, cool graphics, slide-out options, etc. In fact in either the old Gnome shell or the newer one, not all your applications show. Sure, you can go to the Control Center, but even there, not all are available. I thought you guys were on the right track with the previous Gnome shell, but then you deviated. From a regular user view, at least in my opinion and I am more of a tweaker, this new interface is lacking. I know you can do better, you proved it with the interim Gnome shell, so come on, do better.
Marshall Neill

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