Re: Some suggestions

- The position of the clock looks too much like the title of the entire screen - it feels slightly intrusive. I think it would look far better tucked away to the right, along with the user's name and system tray icons, with adequate spacing in-between.

- I actually like it better this way. Glancing at the clock is something
that many people do unconsciously and I find it quite a lot easier and
natural to just look a little bit up instead of all the way to the

I do think he's right, it feels like the main topic on the screen, and when you look at gnome-shell motto of one app at a time, then the app title will get under the clock, and as the motto says it's far more important the app title than the time. I would like to put the app titlebar (with window manager control) on the top panel, and the clock tucked to the right.


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