Some suggestions

Hello Everyone,

I have just recently discovered Gnome Shell. I think it's absolutely marvellous. The work that is going into this project will, I am sure, lead to its ultimate success.

I have read through the pages on the Gnome wiki and the design PDF, and I have looked at various screen-shots and videos of Gnome Shell, and I have three humble suggestions I would like to offer:

- The position of the clock looks too much like the title of the entire screen - it feels slightly intrusive. I think it would look far better tucked away to the right, along with the user's name and system tray icons, with adequate spacing in-between.

- The text on the top panel in some screen-shots (*) also seems as if it's shouting; the weight of the typeface is far too heavy for my liking. I think it would look more elegant at somewhere just slightly heavier than usual.

- You should be bold and re-name 'suspend' to 'sleep'. I have always been confused by 'suspend', 'sleep', and 'hibernate', only to find out recently that suspend and sleep are the same thing. Surely 'sleep' and 'hibernate' go so much better together, and they are both quite descriptive words. We all know what sleep and hibernation are, and the difference between them. New users of Gnome Shell and Linux would be far less likely to know what 'suspend' means and the difference between 'suspend' and 'hibernate'.

My best wishes,

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