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Le samedi 26 février 2011 à 12:27 -0500, William Jon McCann a écrit :
> This seems to be a very common misconception of how inhibit works.
> The reason I chose the word inhibit was to differentiate it from
> "block".  Inhibiting suspend does not block suspend.  An inhibit
> informs the system proactively of a certain condition.  For example,
> inhibiting idleness doesn't mean the system won't honor an explicit
> user request to lock the screen (go idle).  It informs the system that
> despite other indications of idleness (lack of mouse and keyboard
> activity), there is something still going on (say, watching a video).
> This information is used to inform automatic behaviors of the system.
> So, in this case, the screen won't lock or power off automatically
> while the inhibiting activity exists.
> Inhibiting automatic suspend works in a similar way.  It doesn't block
> the human initiated request to suspend.  It only informs the system
> that automatic suspend shouldn't occur for some specific reason.
> So, inhibit is closer to inform than mandate.  And we respect humans
> more than apps.  But the nice thing about apps is they don't have any
> feelings to hurt (yet).

Sorry, but I lack the vocabulary in English to have understood: Do you
say I have true or false?

> > And the choice to have Suspend but not Power Off in the User menu
> > encourages them to waste energy.
> I'm usually inclined to ignore claims like this that don't provide any
> supporting evidence.

Thistsentence is really arrogant. Before becoming a programmer, I worked
several years in the installation and repair of electronic (TV, Hi-Fi,
etc) and I have acquired some experience in this field. I stop that
there is 4 years old but I do not think the mentality of people have
changed so much in such a bit of time.

Some people, who use their computer one or two hours per day, abuse to
standby. But if you hide the option "Power Off", those who make the
effort to turn off their computers no longer want to do.

We are not all computer passionate, some people use them one or two
hours per day or less.


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