File Search in Overview

Does anyone know if file searching will eventually be implemented from the overview?  I know that there has been some development to add a zeitgeist search, but it does not really seem to be doing anything at the moment.   Also, zeitgeist and a general file search are slightly different things because I have to interact with a file first before it gets into the zeitgeist DB.  Right now actually getting to my files is the slowest activity in Gnome-Shell. I am in no way suggesting that a file search should replace Nautilus.  I still find Nautilus important, but when I know exactly which file I want a search tool like Gnome-Do or Synapse gets me there faster.  It seems natural (to me) to have this in the overview.  I would personally prefer a full-text search tool like tracker be integrated because I am a research mathematician and have tons of articles to sort through, but I would definitely settle for a simple file name search.

~Lucas David-Roesler

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