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On Sunday, 27 February, 2011 03:37 AM, Gendre Sebastien wrote:
Le samedi 26 février 2011 à 12:27 -0500, William Jon McCann a écrit :

encourages them to waste energy.
I'm usually inclined to ignore claims like this that don't provide any
supporting evidence.

You want some evidence? Maybe you are just seeing people who will use GNOME Shell will be mobile users(who will always use the STANDBY MODE) and ignore those desktop users e.g. from businesses? And not to mention if the Linux kernel will support all the hardware out there for a standby mode. Any machine must have a "Turn Off" feature regardless of what applications they've been running, of course, servers and mission critical machines are totally different from that and only a selected few to have that power of killing their machines, but if you own the machine, you just want me to use the "Stand By" mode? No do not tell us that there is a config file to help me get what I want, without a UI, that is pure nonsense. Not everybody is going to touch those config files, and those users are the most important people to help you make a better GNOME Shell.
Thistsentence is really arrogant. Before becoming a programmer, I worked
several years in the installation and repair of electronic (TV, Hi-Fi,
etc) and I have acquired some experience in this field. I stop that
there is 4 years old but I do not think the mentality of people have
changed so much in such a bit of time.

Some people, who use their computer one or two hours per day, abuse to
standby. But if you hide the option "Power Off", those who make the
effort to turn off their computers no longer want to do.

We are not all computer passionate, some people use them one or two
hours per day or less.

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