Re: File Search in Overview

On Sat, Feb 26, 2011 at 1:20 PM, Seif Lotfy <seif lotfy com> wrote:
Zeitgeist will soon be able to log when a file has been created or copied around allowing you to find files that you have not yet interacted with�

That is awesome. �I am curious how that behavior will interact with something like my OS upgrade process. I keep my hard drive�partitioned�into a small OS portion and a large File portion. �This allows me to do a fresh install of the OS if I want to. I tinker enough that I like to get a fresh feel every 6 months. � �But this also means that I have many files that I want to keep track of but are not being created or copied every 6 months. �If my guess for how this is going to work, then those files will not make it into the DB until I open them.

~Lucas David-Roesler�

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