When UI Enhancements go bad...

I've been using Gnome-Shell for perhaps a year now. For the most part it's been an ideal window manager for me, and I appreciate all the thought and effort that has gone into it.

However, today, for the first time, I've been forced to "shell-out" in order to perform some work. I use eclipse for java development, and eclipse likes to use transitional pop-up windows as part of its flow, often with one begetting another. These windows are resizable and eclipse remembers their last-use size. Gnome-shell for the past couple of months has pinned these windows as a modal stack. I found this annoying, but workable, that is, until today when I discovered I am no longer "allowed" to resize the top window. Unfortunately the text entry portion of this window was collapsed upon, "sized-out", so I had no choice but to restart my session in an earlier version of shell and finish my work.

I have to admit I am dismayed at how some of Gnome-shell's more recent enhancements have become more restrictive. I have noticed some of the look-and-feel ideas seem to be borrowed from OS X, the modal pinning almost an aping of same feature on the Mac. As I said, I go along with these because I appreciate the product as a whole, and all the imposed artistic licence that entails, but hey, there are reasons I prefer a Linux GUI environment to Mac, namely among them freedom to do as I please.

As it stands, I will revert to the Ubuntu 10.10 apt version of Gnome-Shell and check back to see what the future holds.


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