Re: missing workflows with gnome-shell


> Ok, we'll stick with dconf-editor at the moment.
> But I have a little, slightly off-topic remark, at the moment :
> Having something which default experience is classy out of the box
> should not require "killing settings", just adjusting them well by
> default. What's so bad about wanting to adjust stuff ?
> It would be really too bad to have a tweakui outside the shell : it
> would only be able to tune stuff that the shell allows it to tune,
> i.e. not much at the moment.
> It is quite odd having set up such an extension system and,
> afterwards, having to set their settings in something external which
> is outside the Shell experience ?  I would like so much to have a
> "Shell settings" inside the control panel !
> Don't get me wrong, I really like the gnome-shell experience, but I'm
> puzzled by the loss of adjustability I feel compared to gnome 2 (not
> to mention Compiz...).

There is a very reasonable comment by a german computer magazin about
this issue and why it is the right way. It is available in German only


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