Re: missing workflows with gnome-shell


> I just tried dconf-editor for 2.31 (the  latest is building, thanks to your
> advice) It looks a lot like gconf-editor.
> What should be the default behavior ?
> Should any user be aware of that utility, or should a custom utility
write gsettings from a dialog box ?
> Will dconf-editor be the default app to manage gnome-shell settings ?
Perhaps it would be nice to have a gnome-shell section in the main
"System settings" (gnome-control-center), and manage extensions
gsettings from there.

No. Basically any interesting settings will be in "System Settings" but I
doubt there will be an extra panel for gnome-shell, it will just be
integrated where useful. However, as of now, extensions are not seen as
part of the default user-experience and as such won't be presented to
ordanary users in the system settings. And you now, everybody like killing

Rumors are that people are working on a "TweakUI" like utility that will
contain common advanced settings for people wanting more customization but
as not even a prototype has appeared yet it doesn't seem to happen in the
3.0 timeframe (but maybe 3.2). Vincent???


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