Re: missing workflows with gnome-shell

No. Basically any interesting settings will be in "System Settings" but I
doubt there will be an extra panel for gnome-shell, it will just be
integrated where useful. However, as of now, extensions are not seen as
part of the default user-experience and as such won't be presented to
ordanary users in the system settings. And you now, everybody like killing
Rumors are that people are working on a "TweakUI" like utility that will
contain common advanced settings for people wanting more customization but
as not even a prototype has appeared yet it doesn't seem to happen in the
3.0 timeframe (but maybe 3.2). Vincent???

Ok, we'll stick with dconf-editor at the moment.
But I have a little, slightly off-topic remark, at the moment :
Having something which default experience is classy out of the box should not require "killing settings", just adjusting them well by default. What's so bad about wanting to adjust stuff ?
It would be really too bad to have a tweakui outside the shell : it would only be able to tune stuff that the shell allows it to tune, i.e. not much at the moment.
It is quite odd having set up such an extension system and, afterwards, having to set their settings in something external which is outside the Shell experience ?  I would like so much to have a "Shell settings" inside the control panel !
Don't get me wrong, I really like the gnome-shell experience, but I'm puzzled by the loss of adjustability I feel compared to gnome 2 (not to mention Compiz...).


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