Re: My 2 cents: "tiled" workspaces are great

On ven., 2011-02-18 at 03:09 -0700, Sean Brady wrote:
> On 02/18/2011 12:41 AM, Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
> > On Fri, 2011-02-18 at 00:32 -0700, Sean Brady wrote:
> >
> >> On a side note, for me the rendering sucks using jhbuild (only) on Intel
> >> i915 built-in graphics (Lenovo X200 notebook).
> > the X200 doesn't have 915: it has an intel GMA 4500MHD.
> >
> Forgive me, it's a Lenovo X201.
> The i915 comes from lshw:
With, Mesa and libdrm-intel from git, the Shell works very
smoothly with an Intel 915GM card, which is using the i915 driver. Not
sure that's the same piece of hardware, but looks close enough.

(On Ubuntu, I'm using the xorg-edgers PPA to get most up-to-date
versions of these packages. You may also wait for your distribution to
release a new version.)


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