Problem with gnome-session/gnome-shell (after upgrading to gtk+ 3.0)

Hello - I seems to have problems with gnome-shell after upgrading to gtk
+ 3.0.

- If gnome-session is started by gdm screen locks on desktop background
and nothing happens. Background autostarting programs runs as reported
by ps from console
- If gnome-session is started from xterm there is the same problem
- If gnome-session gnome-fallback & (i.e. in background) is run the
fallback session runs normally but screen locks when nm-applet connects
(i.e. during transition from connecting to connected state)
- If gnome-session gnome-fallback is runned and then from gnome-fallback
gnome-shell is run everything works except after some time the programs
reports that they cannot connect to display :0.0 (??? Before they
somehow managed to do this and the already connected ones runs


PS. Please CC me while responding - due to evolution bug I cannot read
messages via NNTP.

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