Gnome-3: The complete experience

After test-running Gnome-shell for weeks now, I'm hungry for more. I wanted to try out the new evolution (3.0) ... I'm not exactly very convinced with version 2.32.1 especially with Thunderbird/Lightning throwing their weight on certain features. In the past, I rarely add to the basic apps so I'm guessing Evolution for Gnome-3 will pack some punch.

The Evolution hackers say I need to build Gnome-3 (the entire thing). It appears it can be built with jhbuild like Gnome-shell. Can any of your old faithful Gnome-shell geeks tell me what to do with this link ( ... and maybe I'll buy someone a drink one day. I ask here in this mailing list considering that I've received some excellent guidance from you guys in the recent past.

I'll appreciate tips to help me preserve my F14 (if its possible).



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