Re: Gnome-3: The complete experience

On Wed, 2011-02-09 at 19:50 +0100, Onyeibo Oku wrote:
> After test-running Gnome-shell for weeks now, I'm hungry for more.  I 
> wanted to try out the new evolution (3.0) ... I'm not exactly very 
> convinced with version 2.32.1 especially with Thunderbird/Lightning 
> throwing their weight on certain features.  In the past, I rarely add to 
> the basic apps so I'm guessing Evolution for Gnome-3 will pack some punch.
> The Evolution hackers say I need to build Gnome-3 (the entire thing). 
> It appears it can be built with jhbuild like Gnome-shell.  Can any of 
> your old faithful Gnome-shell geeks tell me what to do with this link 
> ( ... and maybe I'll 
> buy someone a drink one day. I ask here in this mailing list considering 
> that I've received some excellent guidance from you guys in the recent past.
> I'll appreciate tips to help me preserve my F14 (if its possible).

I was able to perform the test using the Fedora Test day ISO (Got it
running on my Flashdrive with liveusb-creator).  

1. Gnome-shell appears to perform better running on nouveau than on the
propriety nvidia driver.  This is good. If Nouveau now supports 3D and
can withstand the demands of some (not all) games and Blender 3D
application, then I'll be doing away with nvidia drivers from F15.

2. Grabbing a Window in overview mode produces a weird animation where
the mouse travels faster and further than the Window it is holding.
This is strange.  We should loose the stubs that represent an adjacent
Workspace ... I should do my own mockup on this. Hmmm, but then I
thought the Gnome-shell team have decided to use vertical (roulette)
type workspace transitions and a right-side (docking) workspace manager?
Is this still the plan?

3. Aaah! Terminal Window transparency is now realistic ... unlike the
one in F14, I see what is really behind now, ... not only the wallpaper

4.  It will be interesting to see themes based on Gnome3/GTK3. Hope to
see the specs soon, I should try something.  It is looking very

5. I still think we should loose the animation on the top bar ... the
one that plays when applications are loading.  It is simply off-class
when compared to other outstanding things on the UI. OR ... we should
consider something less childish

6. It might be worth repeating that a drop-down-on-hover will be more
efficient for the System icons (top bar). If a user gets the balloon to
pop when his mouse is over an icon ... then we're one click away from
actual adjustment. We all want reduced mouse clicks, right?

7. The network manager is using a regular old-school menu ... I suppose
there is plan to adapt that to the balloon concept.

8. As for Evolution, ... I'll be encouraging the Evolution Hackers.
Seems to me like a perfect port of 2.32.1.  Good Job on that.  May be
one day, we'll have sub-tasks and others.

Thanks Jasper for your assistance.


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