Re: minimize-to-tile would make for a more seamless experience

On Wednesday, 02 February, 2011 03:15 AM, Sriram Ramkrishna wrote:


I thought we were on track for that but it seems not.  I recommend
that everyone make that gconf change to disable min and max buttons
though.  I've been using it that way.

This might prove controversial, I think we'll need to put a FAQ on it on to explain the design decision on it.  Personally, this will work well as long as the transition to overview is fast enough.
Yes controversial (removing the minimized button???). I am in doubt that this will take in effect but I am welling to be corrected. I still can't think of any replacement to this task: "Get rid of the focused window immediately." Alt-tab is not going to help unless you are switching to the last focused window. The current problem is: "Where is my minimized window"? The purpose of the minimize button is to put the window in the task bar/panel, wherein the panel was now removed in GNOME Shell, the quick solution is to remove the minimize button. But the problem still continues: "I need this window to disappear for a moment, and I need to get it back later," and removing the minimize button is not a solution after all. The current alternative is the alt-tab to which is not always helpful.

The whole point of the minimize button is not only to put that "active window" out of your view but to make the current workspace uncluttered by too many windows at the same time, thus preserving the readability of the un-minimized windows for easy switching in overview mode. Plus, I do not want yet to switch to my minimized windows, as I only need it later. The overview mode defeats this purpose as it will show all windows regardless of their state.


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