Re: minimize-to-tile would make for a more seamless experience

Am Dienstag, den 01.02.2011, 13:47 -0600 schrieb Jason D. Clinton:

> I could articulate the minimize removal rationale to someone who asks
> but what's the design rationale for the maximize button removal?
> What's the status of a "send to back" button to replace the
> functionality of minimize?

I think that a way of managing the windows on the active workspace that
spares us switching to activies overview unless we want to start a new
activity or switch workspaces would help us with the perceived
'disruptiveness' of switching to the activities overview.

My ideal would be to have downscaled representations of the non-active
windows beside my active window all the time (except when having to
windows opened side-by-side). That would make switching between windows
really a breeze.


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