Re: How does one make program launchers?

Le jeudi 08 décembre 2011 à 10:15 +0530, Mahesh saini a écrit :
> I think you can't add custom program launcher with argument to dash.
> you can only add program under application tab to favorite. You can
> create program launcher on your desktop with argument. For that you
> should enable the icon on your desktop. Just install the
> gnome-tweak-tool and start it go to  File Manager tab >> Computer icon
> visible on desktop on it. After that restart your gnome-shell ALT+F2
> type 'r' and enter. Now icons are visible on desktop. Now you can
> create launcher context menu >> Create launcher . here you can provide
> argument to application (e.g firefox -ProfileManager).

You may add a custom program launcher in the main menu (using a gui or
writing .desktop file), then drag it as a favorite.

Bastien Durel

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