Re: How does one make program launchers?

I think you can't add custom program launcher with argument to dash. you can only add program under application tab to favorite. You can create program launcher on your desktop with argument. For that you should enable the icon on your desktop. Just install the gnome-tweak-tool and start it go to  File Manager tab >> Computer icon visible on desktop on it. After that restart your gnome-shell ALT+F2 type 'r' and enter. Now icons are visible on desktop. Now you can create launcher context menu >> Create launcher . here you can provide argument to application (e.g firefox -ProfileManager).

On Thu, Dec 8, 2011 at 7:10 AM, Michael Welsh Duggan <md5i md5i com> wrote:
So, apologies in advance for the stupid question.  I'm still trying to
figure out how Gnome 3 ticks.

When running Gnome 2, I was able to make a program launcher that I could
add to the status bar in order to click on it.  Gnome 3 has "favorites"
in the dash.  How do I, as a user, make it so that there is something in
the dash that I can click on to run 'emacsclient -a "" -c -n'?

Michael Welsh Duggan
(md5i md5i com)

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