Re: Suspend & Power Off: A compromise

On Sun, Aug 28, 2011 at 6:43 AM, Sven K.
<intelligenzfluechtling gmail com> wrote:
> Hmh okay, I suspected something like that...
> But - as the close-buttons in the overview are also only visible when
> hovering - maybe gnome could detect somehow if the system has a touch screen
> or not? Atm there are some features in gnome that seem good for
> touch-devices but needlessly complicated for "normal" pcs. It seems okay if
> the shutdown option shows up when pressing the suspend-option for a while on
> a touch device, but (as discussed to death already) it's not intuitive to
> press the alt-key on a pc. ;)

i would be happy if this is changed to press the button to change the
value instead of while pressing, since i had a little problem when I
was trying to shut down while caring my baby, i only have 2 hands and
one of then was busy with a sleeping baby, I know I could have just
walk and put the baby to sleep but since I was there if I just needed
to press the button once, it would have made my life a bit easier....

> 2011/8/28 alex diavatis <alexis diavatis gmail com>
>> As far as I know, you are not permitted to add features with hover,
>> because you will break functionality on touch screens.
>> However I would like to have an always visible shutdown button like yours.
>> - alex
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