Something is wrong with the pop-up menus.


I've been designing some switches for a theme I'm working on and something came to my mind, the menus containing switches (a11y, gpasted...) behave just like other menus! they just close as soon as you click on something!

This is bad because, on normal menus you would expect a menu to go away when you choose an element, that's normal. But when I try to click on a switch I see two problems, the menu just disappears before I could even see whether the changes were applied or not, just try to click on more than one switch on the a11y menu, you'll have to keep opening the menu each time.

The second problem is: it doesn't matter if I click on the switch or on the whole element it just applies the changes. This really doesn't work as expected from a switch(GTK3?) and makes it as useful as a normal indicator(with more makeup), nothing really special.

Have anyone noticed these problems? or, before that, are these real problems?


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