Re: UI Changes


> 1) Activities: Earlier betas had nice Activities pane with 12
> applications, places/devices and recent items nicely available with "find"
> box right at the mouse tip as soon as you went to Activities. Now to copy
> Ubuntu Unity, we have left edge bar with only applications and worst
> "Search" in right hand corner was a bad change.

As the search box has automatic focus there isn't any need to have it near
your mouse pointer.

The "Finding and Reminding" stuff simply didn't make it into 3.0 but will
be available in 3.2 showing you recent files, devices, etc.

> 2) Windows control: Now we have quite old-style, ugly-looking close
> control only. People have different favorites windows control buttons and
> their position. Mac-folks may like them onleft, windows-folks may want
> them on right. Some may be happy with only close control, some may want
> minimize/maximize/restore +/- shade, snap-to-left/right, if it can be
> easily added. So giving users choice of how many and which controls one
> wants, depending on how big screen and therefore window's title-bar is,
> would have been great.

=> You can easily change it with gnome-tweak-tool if you want/need to.

> 3) Scrollbars: Someone had written about that. Again for big screens, it's
> size is almost a non-issue; but for small screens and particularly
> touchscreens, allowing easy adjustment of width or even eliminating them
> totally will help.

Which Scrollbars do you mean?


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