Re: Live preview for all windows in alt-tab display?

Yeah, there are a few weird results with Atl+Tab currently, disregarding
the general argument of whether the concept of per-application grouping
makes sense. Personally, I've reported one precise case where we fail:
windows of the same application that are on the same workspace aren't
easily reachable, which is very annoying[1].

But there are a few other complaints. Most of open bugs are just
complaining about the per-app grouping idea, but some others are about
tweaks that should be added to the current Alt+Tab model to improve it.
See [2] if you feel motivated enough. ;-)

Indeed there are already a few bug reports... As for behavior there are 2 pairs of almost duplicate : (597780 621287) about (or against) alt+tab accross workspaces, and window grouping (625457 606867)

I posted on 625457 the solution I'm using at the moment : I had alt+Tab behaving the same way as alt+MwheelDown does. It enables me to switch all apps one-handed, and still groups windows by app.

Still, I understand that this won't fit for people wanting _no grouping at all_.
I'd be willig to help if the solution of enabling people to choose one of the three solutions via gconf was accepted.




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