Re: Central gnome-shell settings

Le mercredi 27 octobre 2010 à 20:01 -0500, Justin Edwards a écrit :
> Hello everyone,
> Looking for configuration / administration documentation.
> I have searched through all I could find online as far as gnome-shell
> administration.   I understand that there isn't a 'stable' build yet
> for gnome-shell, but want to work on getting it setup to deploy to
> part of our callcenter.  I have done a lot of testing with it, and it
> is a much more efficient interface for our employees (once they are
> shown the shortcuts).
> I'm sure sabayon or any other great gui interfaces are tied into
> gnome-shell yet, but I'd like to know the general paths that
> gnome-shell follows in order to be setup.   So far
> is the only set in stone configuration I've seen.
> The others I'm not sure if they're pre gnome-shell, or what.   I've
> read that gnome-shell will be using dconf and GSettings.
What kind of settings to you want to set exactly? Sure, you can use
GSettings to set a few things, but most of the Shell's behavior is
either configurable from the GUI (e.g. the clock), or not allowed to be
changed (animations...). There are also older settings that are stored
in GConf for now, like the keybindings.

So in short, please tell us what you want to do if you expect more
precise help.

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