Central gnome-shell settings

Hello everyone,

Looking for configuration / administration documentation.

I have searched through all I could find online as far as gnome-shell administration.   I understand that there isn't a 'stable' build yet for gnome-shell, but want to work on getting it setup to deploy to part of our callcenter.  I have done a lot of testing with it, and it is a much more efficient interface for our employees (once they are shown the shortcuts).   

I'm sure sabayon or any other great gui interfaces are tied into gnome-shell yet, but I'd like to know the general paths that gnome-shell follows in order to be setup.   So far gs-applications.menu is the only set in stone configuration I've seen.  The others I'm not sure if they're pre gnome-shell, or what.   I've read that gnome-shell will be using dconf and GSettings.  

I've not been able to find out much about dconf, it seems the name dconf is used for another application that d(istributes) conf(igurations) across clusters.

Can anyone point me to anymore documentation or recommendations?  My primary goal is to setup systems for a contact center environment, where the machines can't be easily tampered with. And not require much helpdesk intervention.   (I currently use several GUI lock down methods, apparmor, and restricted shells)

For our companies purposes' gnome-shell is a great move forward. 

Also if my etiquette for the list is bad, I apologize for that as well.

Thank you,

Justin Edwards
TeleLanguage Inc,
Network Administrator

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