Re: [Telepathy] Telepathy/Empathy improvements for Gnome Shell

Le vendredi 12 novembre 2010 à 10:08 +0100, Guillaume Desmottes a
écrit :
> Le jeudi 11 novembre 2010 à 22:15 +0000, Will Thompson a écrit :
> > Hi folks,
> Hi Will; thanks for this detailed mail.
> > • hide the tray icon if the shell is running and no channels need approving;
> Actually, I've been asked to always hide it if the shell is running:
> > • don't approve 1-1 Text channels if the shell is running;
> What does that mean exactly ? Atm Empathy implements one Approver
> (Client.Empathy.EventManager). When a channel needs to be approved, this
> event manager displays it:
> - As a notification bubble (with buttons if the notification daemon
> supports it)
> - In the notification area
> - In the contact list
> So, if we disable the status icon (cf above) we'll still have the
> notification bubbles and the contact list change. Is that ok ?
> (Actually that's not true because the notification bubbles are currently
> implemented with the status icon but that's an implementation detail, we
> should be able to easily separate them).

More on this from Marina
( :
So the goal is to not have a tray icon at all, but have Empathy send us
notifications about everything other than 1-1 Text channels. These
notifications will result in an icon in the message tray that shows the
last notification (or in the future all missed notifications) on click
due to the notification persistence support in the Shell.

The contact list should reflect all the requests other than 1-1 Text
requests as well. The 1-1 Text requests should not be known to Empathy
until the user has explicitly transferred to the Empathy chat window.

Actually, I wonder what should happen with the channel handling and
notifications about new text messages when the user
a) has the Empathy chat window open and focused
b) has the Empathy chat window open, but not focused
c) has closed the Empathy chat window

Does Empathy redispatch the channel back to the Shell at any point?

So, if I understand things correctly, we need to make the following
changes in Empathy:

1) Completely disable the tray icon if the notification-daemon has the
persistence capability.
2) Untangle the status icon and notifications code so notifications can
be displayed even if the status icon isn't there.
3) IF gnome-shell is running, Empathy shouldn't act as a text channel

Is that right ? 1) and 2) are NOT gnome-shell specific hack while 3) is.
We have to be careful here to not break things for people not running
gnome-shell. Does gnome-shell override the notification-daemon installed
on the system while running? For example, if I have gnome-shell
installed but are not running it, will I still use the "normal"
notification-daemon? We should display the the status icon in that case.

To reply to your questions:
a) No notification is displayed
b) A notification is displayed only if the "Enable notifications when
chat is not focused" option is enabled.
b) Then the channel has to be re-approved by text approvers (Empathy
and/or the shell).


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