Scrolling panel and Nautilus integration

A new mockup was released few days ago during Guadec.

This mockup is close (I think) to a try that I was working for few weeks now.
I discovered _javascript_ and I tried to give life to my idea. It's a simple web page, just a try to practice the code. You can pass you mouse over the menus "application", "document", and "search" to activate a scrolling panel. The desktops images and the categories are clickable too.

Two ideas are interesting in my opinion:
- A simple wipe that not cover all the desktop. Hiding all the screen on a mini-screen (eeepc) is not disturbing, but on my 22" screen it is a big inconvenient.
- A direct integration of Nautilus in the  scrolling panel to keep a quick access to his searches and works. Nautilus is the main application that everybody use every-time,  so why doesn't we  keep it more close to us?

I hope that you'll find this idea interesting.
Thanks for the listening. 

N.B, me and my fellows are searching the Mutter API, if it exists.

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