Re: Why using Tweener for animations?

On 07/29/2010 01:02 AM, Giovanni Campagna wrote:
> I know, it may have been discussed before, but I'm still puzzled by
> this. Clutter comes with a powerful and extensible animation API, yet
> the Shell uses Tweener, which is pure JS.

ClutterAnimation didn't exist when we started, and now we're used to
Tweener. That's mostly it.

Also, Tweener is pretty convenient to use, and ClutterAnimator probably
wouldn't be quite as easy. Although that might be fixable with some JS

> Currently,
> St.Tooltip uses ClutterAnimation, but has been declared broken.

StTooltip's animation is broken because the effect sucks, not because
the code is bad. We do use ClutterAnimation in a few places in St.

> The main advantage of using Tweener (as I see it) is that it allows
> special properties, which is overcome by implementing
> ClutterAnimatable in the actor involved.

So to implement workspace_relative, we'd have to create a special StBin
subclass to put the window clones in? That would be a little bit lame...

> PS2: of course, if the answer is "kill Tweener", I'll be glad to help.

It might be useful to see what some piece of existing code would look
like ported to ClutterAnimation.

-- Dan

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