Re: some thought about fast app switch (gnome-shell's taskbar)

2009/11/4 Colin Walters <walters verbum org>:
> Hi Feng,
> On Sun, Nov 1, 2009 at 6:11 AM, feng shu <tumashu gmail com> wrote:
>> I have a  idea about fast app switch (gnome-shell's "taskbar"),very
>> very simple ,I think  use the bar showed when type ALT-TAB as
>> gnome-shell's  "new" taskbar is a good idea .
>> (big icon, easy look and at the middle of desktop ),all we need to do
>> is add some code  that we can use mouse button :-)
> This is a reasonable premise; I think in general we want to design
> things so that you can do the majority of the most common tasks
> primarily with the mouse or with the keyboard (exclusive or).
>> 1. the area of the whole desktop except desktop app icon is  hot area
>> to activate  "taskbar",
>> when mouse arrow is in this area, the taskbar show ,
>> when mouse arrow is not in this area (example on some app or
>> on the desktop icon ) , the taskbar  disappear. if no app open,
>> the taskbar  disappear.
> Where would it pop up here?  If it's around the mouse pointer then it
> could be problematic if you were moving the mouse in that direction.
> And this seems prone to be visually distracting.
>> 2. taskbar show, when you click right mouse button on the desktop area, the
>> app switch right when you click left mouse button , the app switch left ,
>>    the reason is that gnome-share manager apps, desktop people don't
>> open to many apps general,so mouse click may few  .
>> (note: the mouse arrow can click on the desktop to switch app  and not
>> need click the icon on the taskbar)
> Hmm; what do you mean by "taskbar"?  A list of windows in the order
> they were opened like in GNOME 2?  I'm a little unsure about depending
> on right click versus left click.

"taskbar" I said  only mean the bar showed when type ALT-TAB and not
other mean. like

all I want to say is that: we should add some code so than we can use
mouse to active(show) the taskbar I said above..... (chinese english)

>> Method 2:
>> 1. the area of the whole desktop except desktop app icon is  hot area
>> to activate  "taskbar",
>> when click left mouse button, the "taskbar" show , click right button,
>> the "taskbar" disappear
>> ,may be like autocad....
>> 2.when "taskbar" show, click left mouse button on the desktop, app
>> switch, click right mouse button, the "taskbar" dissapear
> This seems similar to the above one?

mouse operate method is a little different

>> Method 3:
>> like Method 1, the different is that the area to activate "taskbar" is
>> on the  top bar (activities bar) , it can one/two buttons on the top
>> bar or
>> whole topbar except other app button
> Would be a larger change to the design but seems worth experimenting
> with I think.

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