Re: Thoughts on window sizing - now tiling

> Yes, that's what I understand tiling window managers to mean, and
> that's how this would work when you maximise a group of applications.

Ah, yeah—I hadn't considered that the tiling WM is just a special-case
example of your proposal.

> I see this it as being a little more accessible to beginners, and
> possibly easier to use than a standard window manager, since you can
> choose to tile or until arbitrary sets of windows.

For those familiar with overlapping windows (i.e. lots of people),
yeah, I agree.

I think the UI for attaching windows to each other would be easy to get wrong.

How about: Any windows snapped together (without any special modifier)
become tiled. There's a button on the combined title bar to separate
them again. (The button's icon might show two windows side-by-side,
separated by a couple of icon-pixels.)

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