Re: Fly out windows

On Wed, 2009-07-15 at 09:44 +1000, Shane.Nuessler wrote:
> Just a thought I had this morning regarding the apps and docs 'more' fly
> out list panels. 
> I would find it convenient if I could drag the panel edge to make the
> panel wider (hence list more columns of items which would at the same
> time reduce the count of pages at the bottom)? Users already use this
> convention with app windows, drag the edges to make windows bigger or
> smaller, they could transfer this behaviour easily to certain overlay
> panels?

I definitely think this is a good TODO item.  I plan to implemented this
on my clutter "drawer" I am using for my livecrumbs branch.  I think
that the code should allow the contents of the panel to scale between
say 25% and 100% and then start adding more columns.  This will allow
people a bit of customization to suite their tastes, but still keep the
concept over the overlay intact.


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