Tabbed windows in Mutter/Metacity

I posted the following on the desktop-devel list
and it was suggested that the gnome-shell-list would be a better place
to ask about this. (Sorry about the cross-post).

> Hey all,
> I would like to implement support for tabbed windows in Mutter, and
> was hoping for some helpful pointers. I envision tabbed windows
> working essentially the same way that tabs work in Google Chrome.
> However, being part of the window-manager, every application would
> make use of tabs without having to re-invent them specifically for
> that application. It has always struck me that tabs were something
> that belonged into the window manager, not in browsers, terminals,
> editors, etc.
> There was a discussion a while back on the gnome developers list that
> expected gnome's window manager to have tabbed windows in the future.
> I believe that with the advent of compositing in Mutter/Metacity, now
> is a good time to finally make this happen.
> Are there any other developers interested in working on this, or have
> there been plans for this in Mutter? Or does anyone know of other
> projects attempting something similar? I believe there was a GSoC
> project this summer that added tabs to KWin, but I haven't heard of a
> similar project for Mutter/Metacity.
> Thanks,
> Sam H

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